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Bad And Good Things About Coffee

Lots of people are fond of coffee. They will at least drink a cup of coffee every day. It seems that coffee have become part of our life. A lot of people may even be a bit addicted to coffee. It is true that coffee tastes good. Not many things can be compared with coffee. However, is coffee good or bad for you?

The Bad Things about Coffee:
Most coffee and tea contains a lot of caffeine. Coffee is extremely acidic. The caffeine in coffee is abuse to your adrenal glands. Unfortunately, people who drink coffee all day long are consistently beating on their adrenals. We all know what the color of coffee stained teeth are. You may be well aware that coffee can stain your teeth. Besides, the breath of a heavy coffee drinker can smell very awful. People who drink too much coffee may have some stomach problems and too much coffee can raise anxiety levels. Coffee can even increase the risk of heart attack. Coffee will probably raise your heart and blood pressure, and this will not be good the health of your heart.

Apart from the above, drinking too much coffee may even render health problem. It is believed that too much coffee can raise your stress level. You may even seen some heavy drinkers shake after drinking coffee.

The Good things about coffee:
Coffee tastes oh so yummy and makes me feel great in the morning. Many ancient cultures did rely on the coffee bean to cure a ailments. Coffee contains boron, which is a chemical that helps curb prostate cancer. You don't drink alcohol? Well, people go to the coffee house to chat all the time. A cup of coffee could be a good reason to go out and meet new people. In some culture, starting or finish a meal without a cup of coffee will be an impolite act. As a result, if you think that you are just drinking too much coffee, you may try to drink less.

So, what is a coffee drinker to do?
1. Limit your coffee intake to 2 - 8 oz cups per day.
2. If you are currently dependent on a lot of coffee each day, replace 1 or 2 cups of coffee with green tea instead. Green tea has much less caffeine than coffee and will help combat the ugly detox symptoms.
3. Make sure the coffee you drink is organic coffee.

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